MURRINA lighting®

The search
for beauty, after perhaps
unique, for us, the MURRINA lighting,
the reason is not for the ideal volume production
our variations of objects to search.
Possibilities in a world of modern
Industrialization to design of objects,
the machine can assemble, there are many,
but there are fewer people with
Your hands and mind that can implement,
what of unique elegance and art
occurs in appearance at the end.
In order to contact the people and their
craftsmanship to represent and
to make the world accessible.
We want to make a link between their and
represent your world.

There are no masses are produced,
to they give at a favorable price
to. What we offer
entirely handmade, crafted by generation
inherited to generation and on the knowledge
given to the master glazier from today.
They have the special gift, glass,
to produce objects of beauty
and elegance are not surpass. Each item is a unique piece
and only once in the world,
even if the forms appear the same,
so the details are to be distinguished yet.

Each glass bears the signature of his Meister`s
and retained their value over the decades.
In art sector centuries speak for themselves,
The way so to work to life and,
on this gem of country, in the Mediterranean,
can dedication and love in
give your publication again.

Worldwide, there are a lot of credit to
this currently unique art.
There are ornaments, vases, glasses
and lamps made.
Again, in your design so different
and with a lot of refinement is this craft
expanded to what it is today.
A way of life, for which it is worth
to make the light on.

MURRINA lighting® would like a little
present part of it and you
relaxing lighting for your home
or for the special ambience
offer in other areas ..
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